Vocals, Piano, Strings: Kimberley Dunn | Recording, Mixing, Mastering: Kimberley Dunn | Music & Lyrics: Dave Coe

Where Is The Light

Vocals: Kimberley Dunn | Music & Lyrics: Kevin Huffmaster | Musical Arrangement: Marcos Villalobos Rodriguez | Mixing and Mastering: Juan Fuentes


Music: Kimberley Dunn | Lyrics: Vaughn Gosine | Vocals, Piano, Strings: Kimberley Dunn | Producer: Tobias Wilson

A Thousand Years

This beautiful song by Christina Perri, featured in the Twilight movie “Breaking Dawn”, is still my #1 requested wedding ceremony song.

Better Place

Such a sweet song, just have a listen to the lyrics. This song is quite versatile and can be slowed down for a Processional, Signing or First Dance song or played a bit faster for a Recessional song.