Event Music: A Step by Step Guide & FAQ

event music a step by step guide

This event music step by step guide walks you through what to expect at each step while you’re working with me.

Step 1: Contact me for my availability and a quote

Please contact me with your event:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Venue/Location
  • Equipment Required: my digital piano(s), sound setup(s), etc.:
    (a) Galas and Corporate/Business events typically have an AV company taking care of sound, so please let me know if I can connect to an existing sound system.
    (b) For Private Events, please let me know if you have a piano at your location, or if I should bring my own equipment.

I will promptly respond with my availability and a quote. I always return messages quickly, so if you don’t hear right back from me, please check your “junk mail”.

Step 2: Contract and 50% deposit to reserve your date


Info needed for the contract:

  • name & contact info (address, phone, email)
  • event date, start time, end time
  • venue/location

50% Deposit

The deposit can be paid by:

  • e-transfer | kim@kimberleydunn.com (note the extra “e” in “Kimberley”)
  • cheque | mail to: 2390 Marchurst Rd., Kanata, ON, K2W 0G9
  • cash | in person (by appointment): 2390 Marchurst Rd., Kanata, ON, K2W 0G9

I will send a “receipt of deposit” for your records.

Step 3: Music for your Event

I perform a wide variety of current contemporary and older adult contemporary music. I welcome your requests and am happy to put together a song list to match the style of your event and age of your guests. If you have a particular vibe you’re going for such as “elegant cocktail”, “lounge/easy-listening”, “upbeat” or “singalong” just let me know.

The following song lists are of my most popular requests:

Popular Song List

Christmas Song List

Step 4: Event Day

i) Set Up and Sound Check

I will arrive well in advance of my start time to set up and sound check.

ii) Final payment

The final 50% can be paid by the end of the performance by:

  • e-transfer | kim@kimberleydunn.com (note the extra “e” in “Kimberley”)
  • cheque | in person
  • cash | in person

Event Music
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can we meet with you beforehand or have you play for us?

Absolutely, yes. If you would like to meet with me or hear me play before hiring me, please feel free to set up an appointment with me.

Can we include other performers at our event?

Yes, absolutely. The more the merrier.

Do you sing in French?

Yes I do, but I do not have enough material to sing full sets of French music, you would need to hire a French performer for that. But I can certainly sing a few songs in French. Here is my cover of “L’amour existe encore” by Céline Dion:

We do not have a piano at our venue, do you bring your own?

Yes, I can travel with my own digital piano to your event.

Do you need to do a site visit of our venue beforehand?

No. If I’m going to a location I’ve never been to before, I will arrive extra early day-of to ensure that I have more than enough time to navigate and set up. I always travel with everything I need, even when I’m told there is a piano and/or sound available to me at a venue. I will still have my own equipment with me, just in case, as a backup.

What is your cancellation policy?

An initial 50% deposit is a non-refundable retainer. Once you have secured your date with your deposit, I have turned all others away for that date and have missed those opportunities, therefore I’m not able to refund that portion. The remaining 50% is refundable up until it’s due if you need to cancel before that time. If you need to change your date, I am happy to do so, provided I have availability for the new date. In the highly unlikely event that I am required to cancel (please see next question), any and all payments you’ve made will be 100% refunded.

Do you have a backup in case something happens to you on our event day?

I actually get this question a fair bit, so I thought I should address it. Just like there are no real guarantees that you will make it to your event, there are no guarantees for me either. That said, in the 500+ events and 10+ years I’ve been performing, I have never once cancelled, been late, or not shown up for an event. I would have to be in a very dire circumstance for that to happen, which as you can imagine, would be outside of my control. Rest assured, I would never cancel simply because I was feeling “under the weather”. Something extremely serious would have to happen, and unfortunately there is no planning for something like that.

Do we need to provide you with a meal if you will be playing over dinner?

A meal is certainly appreciated, but not mandatory.

If we do provide you with a meal, do you have any dietary restrictions, and should we seat you at a regular table with our guests?

I don’t have any dietary restrictions. You can seat me at a table with your guests, but it’s also fine if I just find a quick place to have a few bites so that I can hurry back to performing. So either way is fine.

Do you require anything for your performance?

Just a chair and access to power. I have everything else I require to perform.

Do you travel outside of Ottawa for event music?

Yes, I have performed in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and the surrounding areas, and can travel to anywhere you need me.

We’d love to hire you! How do we reserve our date?

If you’re ready to proceed, contact me and I will send along a contract for you to look over and request a 50% deposit to secure your date, which can be paid by:

  • e-transfer | kim@kimberleydunn.com (note the extra “e” in “Kimberley”)
  • cheque | mail to: 2390 Marchurst Rd., Kanata, ON, K2W 0G9
  • cash | in person (by appointment): 2390 Marchurst Rd., Kanata, ON, K2W 0G9