Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are your music rates in the Ottawa area?

Pricing is dependent on the date, time, location(s) and hours involved. Please contact me with your specifics for a personalized quote. Pricing includes everything I require: digital piano and sound system.

What wedding music services do you offer?

  • Prelude Music
  • Ceremony Music
  • Cocktail Music
  • Dinner Music
  • First Dances
  • Original Custom Wedding Songs

What event music services do you offer?

  • Corporate Events & Galas
  • Funeral & Memorial Music
  • Engagements / Proposals
  • Private Parties: Birthdays, Anniversary
  • Special Occasions, Mitzvahs, Baptisms
  • Christmas Parties

What music styles do you offer?

  • Modern / Contemporary / Current
  • Popular / Pop-Rock / Classics
  • Oldies & Jazz Standards
  • Classical Music
  • Christmas Music

Will you just play solo piano for our event?

Absolutely. Some clients are just looking for elegant piano music for the background of their event to add ambience. The addition of vocals doesn’t make the music louder or less in the background necessarily, but if solo piano is the sound and style you are going for, I’m certainly happy to oblige.

Do you perform music for Religious and Church Services?

Yes, I have performed at many Catholic, Jewish, Hindu and other faith-based weddings, baptisms and funerals throughout the Ottawa area. A list of commonly requested religious hymns and traditional ceremony music can be found on page 9 of my Song List.

Do you travel for events throughout Ontario and Québec (Toronto, Montréal, etc.)?

Yes, I do frequently travel outside the Ottawa region for weddings and events. Feel free to send me a request with your details and I would be happy to verify my availability and send a price quote.

Do you perform wedding music for gay marriages in Ottawa?

I have performed for many, many, many, so yes, yes, yes!

Do you sing in French?

I can perform a few special request songs in French. I have a demo French recording for reference. If you are looking specifically for a French vocalist to sing full sets of French-only music at your event, I would not have the repertoire required for that, but a few songs is fine.

How much music should I have for my wedding ceremony?

As much as you’d like, but the most common scenario is:
  • Prelude – light background music to entertain guests waiting for the ceremony to start
  • Processional – the song(s) played while the bridal party/bride walks down the aisle
  • Signing – a song to entertain guests while you sign the registry
  • Recessional – the song played while the couple walks back down the aisle after the ceremony

We are finding it difficult to decide on songs. Will you help us choose or give suggestions?

Absolutely. This is one of the most common questions I'm asked, and I'm happy to help. Often clients will ask me to give suggestions based on the style they envision: modern/popular, older classics, traditional, instrumental, etc. Or you might want to know if an unconventional song you love will work with piano & voice (and it almost always does, and is really unique and beautiful). I'm also happy to choose reception music for cocktails & dinner if you want to defer to my expertise.

Should we worry about the timings of our ceremony songs?

No, I will perfectly time the starts and endings of your ceremony songs to line up with what is happening in real-time. For the Processional, I typically perform an abbreviated version of your song to fit the number of people walking down the aisle. For the Signing, I wrap up the song when everyone is finished and back in place. The golden rule of live music is to never have any awkward silence, and I will repeat a verse or add in a bit of instrumental to make songs a bit longer, if needed.

Do you attend wedding rehearsals?

I can, if you wish, but I need to charge for my time and very honestly, it’s not necessary. Rehearsals are for logistics and so that everyone in your bridal party knows their cues and where to stand. The music starts and ends at very obvious points in the ceremony, and I always get an overview of the layout of your ceremony beforehand with your officiant. That said, if it puts you at ease to have me attend your rehearsal, I am happy to do so.

We will not have a piano or sound system on-site. Do you bring your own equipment?

Yes. I travel with a professional digital piano and sound system rated for up to 250 guests and can arrange for additional sound for larger events. Load-in, set-up, sound-check and take-down are included in my pricing and done outside the music contract hours.

  • Digital Piano: Roland RD300NX
  • Powered Speakers: Two JBL EON 510
  • Mixing Board: Behringer 1204 FX
  • Microphones, one extra for client use
  • All stands, cables and extension cords
  • mp3 player for background music (I supply my own music for breaks)

Is it possible to rent a Grand Piano for our event, and what is the cost?

Grand Pianos add undeniable class and sophistication to any event and can be brought into almost any sized space, big or small. The rentals usually start around $1500. If you are interested in having a grand piano for your wedding or event, I am happy to help coordinate that for you.

Can you play outside?

Yes, I can play outdoors provided there is a shaded/sun-protected area, the temperature is above 15°C, and there is no chance of rain in the forecast. If there is a chance of rain in the forecast, there would need to be a back-up plan to set up indoors or have a tent/shelter provided. I also require access to a power outlet (via extension cord is fine).

How many songs do you play an hour?

I perform about 10-12 songs per hour.

What happens when you are on break?

I have pre-recorded background music that I put on for breaks for a seamless transition.

Can you play digital/recorded music in addition to performing live?

Yes. I can play digital music through my sound system from a phone, tablet or laptop via a cable that plugs into a headphone jack. I use this for the background music I supply for any breaks I take, and it can also be used if you have a special song you'd like to have the "real version" of.

How much space do you need?

Not much, about 5ft x 4ft

Can you detail the process of hiring you for our event?

Please email me the date, time and location of your event and I will quickly respond with my availability and a quote. If you would like to secure the booking, I will email a contract and request a 50% deposit. Music selections are due 2 weeks before your event. Ceremony and First Dance songs are very personal choices and you are welcome to choose any songs that are special to you – I will learn anything I’m not already familiar with. Background music for prelude, cocktails and dinner can be chosen from my Song List.