2019 Most Popular Wedding Songs

Leading into the 2019 wedding season, I thought I would make some videos of my most requested wedding songs. As we get further into 2019, the “most requested” list may change a bit with trends, but this is what I’m seeing so far.

A Thousand Years | Christina Perri

This beautiful song by Christina Perri, featured in the Twilight movie “Breaking Dawn”, is still my #1 requested wedding ceremony song…for about the 8th year running. It’s very popular for the bride’s Processional song as well as the bride and groom’s First Dance.

Hallelujah | Leonard Cohen

This insanely beloved Canadian song…every time I play it people always come up and tell me how much they love that song. Every. Time. This is definitely my most requested “Signing of Registry” song.

Better Place | Rachel Platten

This is SUCH a sweet song, oh my gosh, have a listen to the lyrics. This song is quite versatile and can be slowed down for a Processional, Signing or First Dance song or played a bit faster for a Recessional song.

Pachelbel’s Canon + Ed Sheeran’s Perfect | Piano Medley

Ed Sheeran’s song has been ultra popular and so are instrumental medley’s that include it. Song medleys have been trending more recently. It’s a great way to get 2 songs in 1 if you can’t decide between them! And a wonderful way to blend an older classic with a more modern song.

Ave Maria + A Thousand Years | Piano Medley

Another example of old meets new. This is a popular medley of Bach-Gounod’s “Ave Maria” and Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years”.