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Online Recording Studio in Ottawa, Canada
~ available locally and worldwide ~

100% virtual, quick, affordable, quality recordings with all wave files available by digital download.

I’m happy to offer a free, no-commitment sample of me singing/playing your song to ensure I’m the right fit for your project before we begin.

I work remotely with radio, TV, theater & film composers, DJ’s, songwriters & musicians all across Canada, the U.S. and worldwide.

Have a listen to my “before & after” demo samples to get an idea of the kind of magic I do.

Recording Services

Recordings for songwriters, composers, DJ’s, musicians & bands

Full Song Demos
Lead & Backing Vocals
Piano & Instrumentals

“Kim has been performing, recording and arranging my song demos for over 6 years now. I cannot speak highly enough about her. Not only is she an extremely talented performer with amazing vocal and piano skills but she’s so professional to work with. Always attentive to the fine details of what I want in my songs and constantly delivers beyond my expectations.”

Peter Hughes, songwriter

“I don’t think I could have had a more professional singer for my tracks at such value for the money! Songwriters & producers should take serious note. Kimberley is knowledgeable with recording software and sends waves for your project quickly & easily. I plan on working with her long term on a variety of projects that require her talents.”

James Hardiment, songwriter


Full Song Demos | Vocals, Piano & Instrumentals

“The End Of The World”

  1. BEFORE vocal, guitar 0:33
  2. AFTER vocal, piano, strings 0:33

“Tennessee Lover”

  1. BEFORE vocals, guitar 1:06
  2. AFTER lead vocal, backing vocals, piano, strings 1:06

“Thank You For The Pain”

  1. BEFORE vocal, guitar 0:27
  2. AFTER lead vocal, backing vocals, piano, strings 0:27

Session Singer | Lead & Backing Vocals

“You Took Over My Mind” (Pop/R&B/Soul)

  1. BEFORE original demo by Paul Alexander 4:18
  2. AFTER vocals by Kimberley Dunn, post-production by Eddie Bullen 3:56

“Young Summer” (EDM/DJ)

  1. BEFORE original instrumentals 1:21
  2. AFTER vocals by Kimberley Dunn 1:21

“Rime of the Ancient Mariner” (Musical Theater)

  1. What The Eye Can't See The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 0:56
  2. Cleft and Still Moon The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 0:34
  3. Do My Eyes Deceive The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 0:56
  4. In Search Of Adventure The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 0:43


Session Pianist | Piano & Instrumentals

“This Fall”

  1. This Fall - BEFORE band's original instrumental and vocals 2:00
  2. This Fall - AFTER added string and cello tracks 1:08


Pricing & Process


vocals, $175
piano, $175
vocals & piano, $250
songwriting, $250

Step 1: What to Send

Contact me to discuss your vision for your song along with:

1) instrumental track (without vocals)
2) a reference track with instrumentals + vocal melody (sung or played on an instrument, or written music)
3) lyrics

1) vocal or instrumental track
2) chord & lyric sheet, or written music

FULL SONG DEMOS (Vocals, Piano & Instrumentals):
1) a rough demo recording of your song
2) chord and lyric sheet, or written music

1) lyrics

Step 2: Free Sample

I will record a no-commitment, free sample of me singing/playing your song.

Step 3: 50% Deposit & Recording

If you’re happy with the sample, I’ll invoice for a 50% deposit to retain my services to start your project. I’ll record and mix my tracks, and email you a draft mp3 to review. Basic mixing and mastering like volume levels, compression, reverb, fade is included.

Step 4: Revisions

I’ll make any changes you’d like until you’re happy with the final product, at which point I’ll invoice for the balance. Up to 3 revisions are included for free. Additional revisions are $35/revision.

Step 5: Final Payment and Files

Once the final payment is received, I will release the final mix (wav), and any stems of individual tracks you’d like. Files are uploaded for you to download via Dropbox or Google Drive. I complete most projects within 1-3 days. All recordings are “work-for-hire”. You retain all rights to your work.

Interested in hiring me? Want to find out more?

I’d love to hear about your project! Please contact me to discuss your vision and how I can help.

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