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Online Recording Studio in Ottawa, Canada
~ available locally and worldwide ~


  • Full-time singer, pianist & songwriter with 10+ years of experience
  • Clear, angelic voice in the alto-mezzo range. Emotive, flowing piano style.
  • I specialize in soft, emotive Singer-Songwriter, Acoustic, Folk styles
  • Experienced in many other genres such as Ethereal, Pop, Electronic, Country
  • I read music and play by ear


  • VOCALS: Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, $175
  • PIANO: Piano & Keyboard Instrumentals, $175
  • VOCALS + PIANO: Full Song Demos with vocals, piano & instrumentals, $250


  • Virtually from my home recording studio in Ottawa, Canada
  • I work with artists throughout Canada, the U.S. and Worldwide


  • I work exclusively with a few select clients per week to ensure the utmost care and attention to each project
  • Most projects are completed in 1-3 days



Email me to discuss your song, along with the following that apply:

  1. a demo or reference track to communicate melody
  2. lyrics
  3. chords or written music
  4. your finalized audio track (if I’m recording with your track)


I can record a no-commitment, free sample of me singing/playing your song before you hire.


If you’re happy with the sample, I’ll send along a contract and request a non-refundable 50% deposit to retain my services to start your project. I’ll record (raw/dry uncompressed 44.1kHz, 24bit wave files) and mix my tracks, and email you a draft mp3 to review. I can mix & master the final mix myself, or send you the individual stem files for mixing. Payments are to (note the spelling of Kimber”ley”) via e-transfer for Canadian clients, and PayPal for International clients.


I’ll make any changes you’d like until you’re happy with the final product, at which point I’ll invoice for the balance. One (1) revision is included for free. This revision covers any errors on my part such as “lyric mispronunciation”, or “pitch fix”. [Note: Changes outside my control (such as asking for changes to the lyrics or music you originally gave me) are an additional $45/change.]


Once the final payment is received, I will release the final mix and the wave files of your individual stems/tracks. Files are uploaded for you to download via Google Drive. I complete most projects within 1-3 days.


All recordings are “work-for-hire” and royalty-free. You retain all rights and have commercial use of any work I do for you. However, you may NOT use my name, logo or image on your project without my written permission.


Full Song Demos | Vocals, Piano & Instrumentals

“The Promise”

  1. BEFORE vocal, guitar by J. Aitken 1:34
  2. AFTER lead vocal, backing vocals, piano, strings by K. Dunn 1:30

“The End Of The World”

  1. BEFORE vocal, guitar by T. Hoy 0:33
  2. AFTER vocal, piano, strings by K. Dunn 0:33

“Tennessee Lover”

  1. BEFORE vocals, guitar by P. Hughes 1:06
  2. AFTER lead vocal, backing vocals, piano, strings by K. Dunn 1:06

“Thank You For The Pain”

  1. BEFORE vocal, guitar by T. Hoy 0:27
  2. AFTER lead vocal, backing vocals, piano, strings by K. Dunn 0:27

Session Singer | Lead & Backing Vocals

“You Took Over My Mind” (Pop/R&B/Soul)

  1. BEFORE original demo by Paul Alexander 4:18
  2. AFTER vocals by Kimberley Dunn, post-production by Eddie Bullen 3:56

“Young Summer” (EDM/DJ)

  1. BEFORE original instrumentals 1:21
  2. AFTER vocals by Kimberley Dunn 1:21

“Rime of the Ancient Mariner” (Musical Theater)

  1. What The Eye Can't See The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 0:56
  2. Cleft and Still Moon The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 0:34
  3. Do My Eyes Deceive The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 0:56
  4. In Search Of Adventure The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 0:43


Session Pianist | Piano & Instrumentals

“This Fall”

  1. This Fall - BEFORE band's original instrumental and vocals 2:00
  2. This Fall - AFTER added string and cello tracks 1:08


“Kim has been performing, recording and arranging my song demos for over 6 years now. I cannot speak highly enough about her. Not only is she an extremely talented performer with amazing vocal and piano skills but she’s so professional to work with. Always attentive to the fine details of what I want in my songs and constantly delivers beyond my expectations.”

Peter Hughes, Canada

“Kimberley, I thank you most sincerely for your friendly professionalism in giving my song life and elevating it to a standard I dreamed of. I am in awe of you as a singer and pianist and how you interpreted succinctly how I wished my song to be portrayed and sung, with genuine feeling. You are indeed a rare and beautiful talent! “

Jim Aitken, Scotland

“Kimberely is a treausure. It’s an honour to have her helping me with my songs. Communication was easy going, friendly and very acomodating. She carries her passion onto the project making it truly special. If you are looking for a true artist, look no further.”

Jay Raw, Ireland

“Kim’s attention to detail is amazing. She delivers a very high quality job. Working with her is a great pleasure. Her divine talent makes the project go very smoothly. The world is a much better place with people like her.”

Ajoura, Australia

“Kimberley’s voice is truly something. When she breathes life into your words it really moves you. She is impressive at what she does.”

Vaughn, Trinidad and Tobago

“Kimberley is polite, professional, and excellent at what she does. She has a bright uplifting attitude, is extremely patient, understands and follows instructions precisely, and delivers high quality results. She went above and beyond what I expected. She’s very committed to giving you exactly what is requested. And I highly recommend her to anyone who desires the absolute best.”

Rod Jackson, United States

“Just fantastic! Kimberley’s voice is elegant and vibrant, the phrasing and timing precise. This is already my second time working with Kim but it won’t be the last as she truly transformed my projects. Excellent communication and unbelievable quality.”

Stefan, Germany

“I don’t think I could have had a more professional singer for my tracks at such value for the money! Songwriters & producers should take serious note. Kimberley is knowledgeable with recording software and sends waves for your project quickly & easily. I plan on working with her long term on a variety of projects that require her talents.”

James Haridment, Canada

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