Recording Studio

Singer, Pianist, Session Musician, Arranger & Composer for Hire

I am a full-time professional musician based out of Ottawa, Canada with 18 years experience as both a performer and recording artist. I am formally trained (Royal Conservatory of Music, ARCT) and also play by ear. I have worked with songwriters, DJ’s, musicians and bands, and have had my work featured on radio, tv & film.

I love the process of creating music and transforming simple ideas into something beautiful. Have a listen to my “before & after” demo samples to get an idea of the kind of magic I do.

Online recording studio in Ottawa, Canada
~ available locally and worldwide ~

Online Recording Services

Professional recordings for songwriters, lyricists, singers, musicians and bands.

Demos for Songwriters
Music for Lyricists


1. Demos for Songwriters

Vocals, piano & keyboard-based instrumental tracks (strings, rhythm, etc.) are layered to achieve your desired result. I then mix and master the demo into a professional quality song. You retain all rights to your work.

  • instrumental track(s) with vocals
  • instrumental track(s) with vocals and backing vocals
  • instrumental track(s) with vocals, backing vocals, and drum/rhythm pattern

“The End Of The World”

  1. BEFORE vocal, guitar 0:33
  2. AFTER vocal, piano 1, strings, piano 2 0:33

“Silver & Gold”

  1. BEFORE vocals, guitar 0:46
  2. AFTER lead vocal, backing vocals, piano 1, piano 2, strings 0:46

“Thank You For The Pain”

  1. BEFORE vocal, guitar 0:27
  2. AFTER lead vocal, backing vocals, piano, strings 0:27


  1. BEFORE vocal, guitar, strings, rhythm 0:50
  2. AFTER lead vocal, backing vocals, piano 1, piano 2, strings, pad 0:50

“One More Chance”

  1. BEFORE vocal, guitar, rhythm 1:36
  2. AFTER lead vocal, backing vocals, piano, strings 1, strings 2, rhythm 1:27

2. Vocals

  • For musicians, bands and composers who need vocals for their instrumentals
  • For DJs who need a singer to record a vocal line or “hook”

“Young Summer” EDM Sample

“Gotta Feel” EDM Sample

Musical Theater Samples

  1. What The Eye Can't See The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 0:56
  2. Cleft and Still Moon The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 0:34
  3. Do My Eyes Deceive The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 0:56
  4. In Search Of Adventure The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 0:43

3. Instrumentals

  • For singers who need instrumentals for their own vocals
  • For musicians, bands and composers who need an instrumental line or arrangement

I can mix the tracks I record with your existing project, or I can send my tracks to you to be mixed.

“This Fall”

  1. This Fall - BEFORE band's original instrumental and vocals 2:00
  2. This Fall - AFTER added string and cello tracks 1:08

4. Music for Lyricists

Do you have lyrics that need music? I compose music set to your words and arrange and record everything into a finished song.

“Good Morning Laurie”
Lyrics by G. Vail, Music by K. Dunn

Pricing & Process


Step 1:
Contact me to discuss your vision for your song along with:
a) a rough recording of your song with a chord & lyric sheet, or
b) written music or a score

Step 2:
I will send back a quote with an invoice for a 50% deposit to retain my services to start your project.

Step 3:
I will then learn your song, arrange, record and mix my tracks, and email you a draft mp3 to review.

Step 4:
I make any changes you’d like until you are happy with the final product, at which point I will invoice for the balance.

Step 5:
The final mastered version (wav), and any stems of individual tracks you’d like, are uploaded for you to download via Dropbox or Google Drive. I complete most projects within 2-5 days.