Kimberley Dunn, Singer & Pianist

– Ottawa, Canada –

Kimberley Dunn, Ottawa Singer Pianist Composer

Performer, Composer, Recording Artist

I’m Kimberley Dunn, a full-time singer and pianist in Ottawa, Canada. I’ve been a professional musician and performer for 18 years. I specialize in luxury live music for weddings and events. When I’m not performing, I’m composing and recording music in my home studio.

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Kimberley Dunn Wedding Music

My life’s passion is creating beautiful and emotional experiences through music. Renowned for my unique talent and professionalism, my philosophy is simple: the music is not about me, it’s about you. My goal is to create a magical and heartfelt experience for you and your guests.

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My studio is home to my original music and client recordings. I work with fellow musicians and songwriters, offering song demos, vocals and instrumentals. Many of my clients write music for tv, film and theatre. I love creating music and transforming ideas into something beautiful.

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